Miller Group USA, LLC

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About Us

Strange to think that the voyage of a Scotsman to New York, NY in the early days of WWII, would result in brothers, Ian and Glenn Miller, operating Arby's restaurants in Illinois and deli's in Virginia.  

George Miller fell in love with New York and its people in a bitterly cold winter in 1941.  He watched as ships were built or repaired for the war effort in the harshest of conditions and decided Americans shared his work ethic.

He raised his boys with a strong work ethic and to be pro American.  They both worked as trash collectors (before automation), dry cleaners, butcher's boys, and washed commuter trains with a 10' brush and a pail of water.  After their formal educations it was no surprise that they ended up across "the pond."

Ian bought the business, (of 6 stores), as an investment in 1986.  Glenn joined in 1997 and growth became a priority.  Since then, the brothers have added 12 stores in Illinois and 5 in Virginia and in the process added 330 jobs.

"A fair day's pay for a fair day's work" is the company's abiding ethos.  It is the American way.